Spring Swim Session Promotion
​Ideation | Design | Layout
Purpose: To develop a campaign to promote and support the 2024 Spring Swim Lesson Session.
Concept: Since swim lessons are usually seen as a summertime activity, the aim was to visually convey that summer has arrived early and there's no need to wait to learn how to swim. To capture the essence of summer, I used a bright yellow-green and blue gradient, along with palm tree motifs and water textures.

Tactics: Social graphic series, emails, schedule (print/digital), stickers, and certificates.  
Post Rebrand Campaign
​Ideation | Design | Layout
Purpose: To develop a campaign to showcase the newly rebranded bank to its core audience and market. 
Concept: Leaning into the "Focus" aspect of the campaign, I experimented with all things sight including images with a shallow depth of field, the optometrist sight chart, and brackets keying in our customer's wants and needs. 
Tactics: Billboard, poster, print ad, and landing page.
Preferred Customer Project
​Ideation | Design | Layout
Purpose: To develop a brand around the exclusive Preferred Customer (PC) "Happiness Heroes" team, which is laser-focused on providing personalized, exemplary customer service and to produce the external marketing collateral to keep customers engaged monthly. This project is a part of the company-wide PC retention initiative. 
Concept: As a result of the name and purpose of this group, a vintage superhero brand was crafted to support their daily mission, which is to keep customers happy.
Tactics: Logo/brand identity (style, type, patterns, and colors), postcard, email signature, wall clings, t-shirt, welcome brochure, loyalty flyer, and ADO package insert.
Preferred Customer Project
​Ideation | Design | Layout
Purpose: To develop a campaign targeting prospect brokerage companies to partner with Caliber Home Loans' Wholesale Division. The omni-channel project highlights Caliber's value propositions and vital content key to forging a successful partnership. 
Concept: The look and feel of this campaign was crafted out of the desire to create a friendly, supportive, growth, and technology-focused marketing assets. 
Tactics: Landing page, social graphics, display ads (not shown), emails, letters, and envelopes.
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